Senior Project Information

Library Day 1 - Print Resources

(books, encyclopedias)


Library Day 2 - Online Searching, part I : LiLI Databases

(eBooks, magazines, newspapers, encyclopedias, etc.)

  • LilI Databases (
    • Begin in the FEATURED RESOURCES box at the bottom, using these databases:
      • GVRL - Gale Virtual Reference library
      • Student Research Center
      • Consumer Health Complete
      • World Book Web
    • Use the tools provided
    • Save or Export to your dropboX


Library Day 3 - Searching Online, part II : Everything else

Searching for information from specific types of web sites

  • Add (or edu, or int, or...) before your search terms. For example, if you want to find information about sports medicine on an education site, you would type the following in your search box: "sports medicine"
  • Best sites for you:
    • .edu (education) ranges from serious research to student pages
    • .gov (government) factual information-usually reliable
    • .org (organization) not-for-profit organizations-usually advocacy pages


Searching for information on a specific page

  • Chrome works best
  • To search for a specific word on ANY page in ANY web browser, press and hold Crtrl and type F. Type your word in the search window that popped up near the top of the page, and it will be highlighted throughout the webpage.


Library Day 4 - Works Cited

Use the OWL at PURDUE site for the most recent MLA formatting information.

DHS Citation Style - See examples and formatting instructions for citing information found in materials from our library, including encyclopedias and LilI Databases.


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